Speeders; Agile Maritime Transportation with Unprecedented Speed.

Speeder Systems Ltd. is specialised on design and manufacturing of VTOL WIG vehicles.

We have a passionate core team from diverse fields of expertise with a strong network of partnerships working towards making transportation more sustainable and flexible for the mairitime sector. We are the pioneers of VTOL WIG vehicles  which will be the symbol of evolution of marine vessels. 

  • Speed:   Achieve extreme speeds at sea that no other marine vessel is capable of.

  • Sustainability: Ground effect and electric hybrid propulsion enables Speeders to be 2X+ more efficient and environmentally friendly than aircraft 5X+ than similarly sized helicopters. 

  • Safety: Fly over the water surface safely, land on water in an emergency.

  • Operational Flexibility: VTOL, hovercraft and fixed wing flight modes combined with  water landing abilities enables missions that were not even possible before with unprecedented availability, affordability and mission durations.

  • Marine certification: Speeders are classified as marine vehicles hence, they are certified and regulated under IMO (International Maritime Organisation) rules.

  1. Why Speeders are more efficient than aircraft?

    Ground effect is a phenomenon that aircraft pilots tend to avoid where the lift increases and drag reduces causing the aircraft to “slip” just before take-off or landing. Thanks to the specially designed wings, Speeders use this phenomenon to their own advantage to enhance the efficiency.                                                                                

  2. Why conventional high speed marine vehicles cannot race with Speeders?
    High speed marine vehicles encounter high wave loads which reduce the comfort and the efficiency. Above certain speed, air pressure and high wave loads make the vehicle unstable and cause it to flip. Therefore, marine vehicles have a theoretical speed limit that they can achieve. Speeders have minimum interaction with wave pattern.                                                                                                                                                  

  3. How Speeders are different than conventional WIG vehicles?
    Conventional WIG vehicles take-off and land on water surface. Main problem with taking off/landing on water surface is the high wave loads which reduces the comfort and causing high stresses on the structure. Various applications were tried to reduce these stresses but not VTOL.                                                                                                      

  4. How come Speeders are not aircraft?
    According to IMO rules, WIG vehicles flying under 150 m altitude are classified as ships and regulated under IMO rules.                                                                                                     

  5. How safe are Speeders?
    Even if the engines stop during cruise, the vehicle will land on the water smoothly by itself because of the Ground Effect and low altitude. The VTOL architecture and redundant collision avoidance system allow the vehicle to avoid any unexpected obstacles at sea.