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Ground Effect

It is the phenomenon of air being trapped under a lifting surface, during low-level flight. As a result of the air cushion created, drag is reduced and lift is increased with a raise in the overall efficiency of the lifting surface.

Effective span.png

Technical Advantages of WIG Vehicles

Increased payload

Extreme speeds compared to marine  vehicles

Low fuel consumption compared to  aircraft

Low manufacturing costs

Low licence/certification costs

Low crew training costs

No need for aerodromes


Electric VTOL and Ground Effect

Less drag leads to less fuel burn in ground-effect mode

Low-altitude flight requirement for VTOL saves energy and increases range

Lower energy requirements enhances sustainability and allows lower operational costs.

Air cushion enables different modes of operation like STOL (short-take off or landing) where the S30 takes-off like a sea-plane in a short distance speeding up. This reduces the VTOL energy requirement and enables a different mode of operation for higher payload or longer range requirements. 

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